Beet greens for lunch

The beets have been growing like gangbusters, but they are so close together that the actual beets have not grown much, just the greens. So it was a lucky day when Caitilin said that her husband was in the mood to cook with beet greens. We pointed her to thickly planted patches of red and golden beets, and she left with an armload of greens with tiny orange and ruby roots. The remaining beets have some elbow room now, and she was treated to a lunchtime feast.

First, her husband caramelized onions, then added grated ginger root. The greens went in with a little cayenne pepper and a pinch of cumin seeds. He served it over basmati rice. The verdict? Yum.

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One Response to Beet greens for lunch

  1. realfoodroad says:

    Yum is right, I’m going to have to try this! Thanks.

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