“I made something good last night”

Our greenhouse colleague Marsha is trained as a chef, so when she says “I made something good last night,” we all stop work and listen.

What she made was a frittata of sorts, starring eggs from Logan’s chicken, chard from the greenhouse, and some other ingredients she had kicking around: penne pasta, ricotta and romano cheeses, and chicken stock. She sauteed the chard with onions, cooked the pasta, and layered these together with the eggs and cheeses and some seasonings.

She baked it for a half-hour at 350, and when it came out of the oven, she said, it seemed a bit dry. So she heated some chicken stock and poured it on top, covered the dish, and let the stock absorb for awhile. It provided moisture and flavor.

We all specialize in this sort of ad hoc meal using whatever’s at hand, but not all of us would have known how to rescue a dry frittata!

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